Why am I a guest?

If your username says ‘Guest’, this just means that you haven’t created an account yet. 


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you create an account. 


It’s free, it’s simple, and it means that we can recover your cards if anything happens to your device, or if someone accidentally uninstalls the app.


It also means you can add friends, trade with them, and challenge them to races!


What is VIP Access and how do I get it?

We’ve made Valiant Heroes so that you don’t ever have to spend money if you don’t want to. 

But if you choose to give your collection a boost by buying a coin bundle, then we also give you VIP access for a limited time! 
The VIP tab in the store gives you access to packs with rare cards guaranteed, for the same coins or less than the regular store!


How long does VIP Access last?

VIP Access is given when a real-money item is purchased from the store. Different purchasable items will give you different amounts of VIP time. Purchasing another real-money item during a VIP window will add more time to the current VIP timer.


Please note that sometimes it can take up to 2 minutes for VIP access to refresh after a coins purchase. If this happens, switching between tabs a couple of times can sometimes help.


How do I fuse cards?

If you're starting to get a lot of duplicates, as well as using them for trades you might be able to use them to fuse new cards. 


Fusion Cards are very rare. If you tap on these (even when 'Undiscovered') in your collection view, you will see the card has a 'Fuse' button [bottom left]. Tapping on this will show you the 'recipe' for the fusion card and your progress towards it.


Once you have all the cards you need, a new button will appear on this screen which allows you to start the fusion. The amount of time fusion takes varies depending on the card, or you can use coins to fuse immediately. 


What does 'Undiscovered' mean on cards?

‘Undiscovered’ cards are ones that you don’t yet have in your collection. 


There are two main ways to get new cards:


  • buying packs with coins (which you can get from rewards, winning battles, and of course purchasing coin bundles),

  • trading with friends from the Friends tab or direct from cards. 


We recommend you use a mix of both to make the most progress with your collection - and don’t forget, every new card boosts your XP!



I've opened a pack, where have my cards gone?

Every time you open a pack, your cards are added to your collections under ‘My Cards’. If you have any duplicates, the number of duplicates is shown under that card. 


Duplicates can be traded with friends for new cards, or fused together to create new cards.

Why do I have a locked icon on my cards?

Cards that are ‘locked’ are either in your deck, already involved in an open trade offer, or are in the process of being fused into another card (after you've started the fusion process).


If you want to unlock such cards you will need to either edit your deck or cancel the trade it’s involved in.


Once you have started a fusion, it cannot be stopped and those cards are permanently locked until they are consumed, so be sure you're not going to want those cards before you start the fusion process.

What do the numbers on my card mean?

The number on the right is your attack score, and the one on the left is your defense. 



Why are some cards rarer than others?

Rarer cards usually have stronger attack or defense scores, or more useful skills, for their 'weight'.


How many cards are there to collect?

The total number of cards is growing all the time, but each individual collection is limited, usually to around 20 cards.


How can I trade cards with my friends?


First of all - you need friends in the app! You can add people you’ve raced against in head-to-heads, or you can ask your real-life friends for their username and add them in the friends tab.


Inviting friends to join the app means that you will both get a big coin bonus when they join!


Then you can trade in two ways:


  • From a card: if you’re going through your collection and see a card you’d like to trade, tap on the button in the bottom right and then follow the instructions.


  • From the friends tab: Tap on a friend's avatar, and then tap ‘Offer Trade’ in the drop-down menu.


I've lost all my cards - how can I get them back? 

First of all, check that you are logged in with the right details (you should see the username you registered on the home screen). If not, you can ‘Log Out’ from the Settings menu (tap the wrench icon).


If you deleted a guest account then there is a limit to what we can do to help, but do contact us (from App Settings) and we'll do our best.


How do I race against my friend?

Go to the Friends tab, tap on their avatar, and then select 'Head-to-Head' from the drop-down menu. If they are in the app at the same time they will get a message challenging them to a race!


Can I get these cards in real life?

There are no plans for this yet, but in the future, who knows!

What do the Pack odds mean?

We use a system of probability to distribute cards that means, when you by a Pack with a chance of an insert appearing, the chance applies to that pack only.


For example, if a pack has a 1 in 15 chance of containing an insert, that means that every pack of that type you open has a 1 in 15 chance of having that insert. It does NOT mean that you will definitely get one of those inserts in every 15 packs.