Take your place amongst the champions of Unity by gathering your team and duking your way to victory.


Collect and build a deck of Valiant Universe legends including Bloodshot, Ninjak and Faith. Compete in the Fight Zone against friends and foes across the globe in epic battles.


Trade and acquire cards for improved defence and attack scores, bolstering your skills and special moves before slugging it out with enemies.


Receive regular free rewards including coins and cards each day. Valiant Heroes includes a vast collection of unique cards featuring original artwork from the Valiant Universe including all fan favourites.



  • Set your strategy and battle it out in the Fight Zone

  • Hundreds of unique cards to collect

  • Amass daily and weekly rewards to build and improve your collection

  • Find rare, powerful and special edition cards

  • 60 player levels with more to come

  • Regular content and game updates

  • Trade cards directly with friends and with Valiant fans worldwide in the Hero Base

  • Learn about the origins of the Valiant Universe

  • VIP membership to accelerate your collection  

  • Combine cards to create powerful Fusion cards

  • Other characters currently include X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Quantum & Woody, Doctor Mirage, Livewire, The Eternal Warrior, Ivar and Archer & Armstrong


Valiant Heroes is a trading card game developed by VirtTrade Ltd. Please sign up to our Beta testing programme and be the first to try out new app features and enhancements.

Before we release our app, we like to trial the software and any changes over the testing period with trusted Beta testers and fans first.

Beta testing is a crucial part of the overall testing process and it’s an ideal opportunity for you to give us your feedback so we can test and improve the Valiant Heroes experience for fans. 


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